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“My tattoo is a mistake” – What to do?

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Most of us give meaning to a tattoo. And since it will be something you will see your whole life, something that will shape who you become as a person, you want it to be great. But life is not always roses and moonlight. What can you do with a tattoo that you’ll end up hating now or later in life?

I will give you 2 options if you want to do something about it.

Cover Up Tattoo

A different design on the place that your tattoo is now. This ‘covering up’ will hide the tattoo you don’t like. A new design will be made to do so and it will be tattooed on the place of your current piece. There are artists that specialize in tattoo cover-ups.

This is how it works:

To cover your tattoo up, lighter shades work better because you can turn light shades into darker colors with that, thus opening up new opportunities for the new design. The thing you should consider before you do this is that your new design will be at least 30% larger than the tattoo that you want to cover up. The older the tattoo is, the easier it will be to cover it.

A cover-up tattoo will take more time to heal than a fresh tattoo, but the care is the same and just like a regular tattoo the more you take care of it the better the end result will be. You definitely want to look for a good artist because a cover-up can also go wrong.

Another way to cover your tattoo is to add elements, thus making the tattoo bigger, so the focus of your tattoo shifts. This option is for those who don’t mind getting more tattoos. What once was a bad tattoo on your arm, won’t be noticed in the sleeve that you will get. But I will say this again: Choose the right tattoo artist for this.

Tattoo Laser Removal

No ink more for me

If you don’t want any more ink on your body, you can consider option 2: laser removal.

How it works:

A laser turns the tattoo colors into lighter particles, creating the option for your skin to shade the picture off with an immune reaction. Why is this not the first option for people? For starters, it is expensive, and it cannot be done at a regular tattoo shop or artist. Lasering a tattoo is a treatment process that can go on for 12 weeks, and it is done by a dermatologist. Lasering gives

no guarantee that your tattoo will be completely removed. Things like color –light colors for example can be harder to remove -, depth and size will determine how well it will work, plus take into consideration that you can be left with a permanent scar. You also will be sedated before the process because let’s just say it hurts more than putting a tattoo.

If you don’t care or can’t afford these options, try to give your tattoo a different meaning and with time it will be something you can accept for what it is and maybe even make fun of it.

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How to take care of your new tattoo

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You’ve got your new tattoo. A new tattoo needs to heal, and that will take some time. The more you take care of it, the more you care for it, the better it will heal and look.

All good artists will clean the area of the tattoo when they are finished. Some will put some kind of ointment or just plain Vaseline to cover your tattoo, and on top of that they will place a plastic material on the “open” wound to prevent infections.

There are no specific rules about when to take off the wrap, but what most will advise is to take it off after approximately 4 hours and gently wash your wound with lukewarm water. It is sometimes advised to keep your wound smeared with Vaseline, however I prefer triple antibiotic because I feel like my tattoos heals faster, and I have the feeling that it ‘breathes’ more. Smear whatever ointment you use at least three times a day. Everything you do for your tattoo is all about healing the skin; if the skin heals good, the tattoo will be good. Normally it will take 2 – 3 weeks for the skin to heal and at least 2 months for your skin to be like it was before. You can help your skin heal taking vitamins, carbs and protein. Always, especially after you get your tattoo, eat healthy and stay away from fast food.

When taking a shower, the first week, don’t do this for longer than five minutes, and you can’t use the bathtub or go swimming the first 3 weeks because the soak will not do your tattoo any good. Also, the gym is a big no for at least 10 days. Not only for stressing the body, but also for the lack of rest and sanitation reasons. The gym is not always the cleanest place and also the sweat is bad. Don’t wear tight clothes because this will prevent your tattoo to heal perfectly. When you go to bed, don’t lay down on the side where your tattoo is placed.

Cleaning your tattoo, you can use lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap and when drying it, gently pat your tattoo with the towel instead of rubbing it dry.

Your skin will itch when it will heal itself. No matter how much it itches, don’t give in to the itch-feeling instead just tap on it gently or try to take a shower, this will ease the itch. If your skin begins to peel, let it peel and don’t pull it off if you want your tattoo to be perfect.

Another important thing to do to get a beautiful tattoo is to rest. Resting is very good for your body. The more you rest, the faster your tattoo will heal. If you have air-conditioning, use it. As I said earlier, sweat is not a friend, so you should avoid exposure to the sun.

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Things to consider before getting your first tattoo

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Yes, it’s official! You’re getting a tattoo. If it’s your first time, I guess it’s exciting. The first thing that is important is think about how you want to remember it. A tattoo is something that lasts a lifetime! And because of this reason, you have to give your tattoo/ design a good thought. It is fundamental for it will be placed on your beautiful natural body. A beautiful tattoo will give you pleasure forever, a bad one, and you might regret your choice forever…. Your choice!

Think before you act

Of course there are ways to do something about a “tattoo gone wrong” but it is much easier to think before you act instead of covering up or laser your tattoo.

The placement

There is one more thing that is nearly as important as the design: The placement. I can’t stress out the importance of the placement. A tattoo will be on your body forever and like it or not it will be part of whom you become; a part of your personality. Who are you, and how do you want to be remembered?


I got my first tattoo in a place that has nothing to do with hygiene. It was a spontaneous act which I definitely don’t regret, but don’t ever let that happen to you! You need to make sure that the shop is clean, that the artist is using quality sanitation that is in proximity of his/ her station and make sure that the artist unpacks the unused needle in front of you as well as the ink that will be used. You need to do these things because a tattoo is practically an open wound that can be infected if not following the “sanitation rules’ of your body inked. If you come to an unhygienic shop or a shop where you can’t feel comfortable, just leave. You don’t want to get your tattoo from that place or person.

A good state of mind

For the best results, a good state of mind is necessary. Go to bed early the day before your appointment, eat well and bring snacks and drinks with you when you’re off to your appointment.

A good thing to do is imagining the end result. In this way, you prepare yourself mentally, which brings you in a good state of mind. To do this is not always easy because, especially at your first appointment. You might be nervous or excited, which will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, resulting in even more nervousness or excitement.

The only way to beat this is to change your thoughts and think about what the outcome will be and what it will mean to you.


A tattoo is something that lasts a lifetime! And because of this reason, you have to give yourself the time to think good about it.