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How to take care of your new tattoo

You’ve got your new tattoo. A new tattoo needs to heal, and that will take some time. The more you take care of it, the more you care for it, the better it will heal and look.

All good artists will clean the area of the tattoo when they are finished. Some will put some kind of ointment or just plain Vaseline to cover your tattoo, and on top of that they will place a plastic material on the “open” wound to prevent infections.

There are no specific rules about when to take off the wrap, but what most will advise is to take it off after approximately 4 hours and gently wash your wound with lukewarm water. It is sometimes advised to keep your wound smeared with Vaseline, however I prefer triple antibiotic because I feel like my tattoos heals faster, and I have the feeling that it ‘breathes’ more. Smear whatever ointment you use at least three times a day. Everything you do for your tattoo is all about healing the skin; if the skin heals good, the tattoo will be good. Normally it will take 2 – 3 weeks for the skin to heal and at least 2 months for your skin to be like it was before. You can help your skin heal taking vitamins, carbs and protein. Always, especially after you get your tattoo, eat healthy and stay away from fast food.

When taking a shower, the first week, don’t do this for longer than five minutes, and you can’t use the bathtub or go swimming the first 3 weeks because the soak will not do your tattoo any good. Also, the gym is a big no for at least 10 days. Not only for stressing the body, but also for the lack of rest and sanitation reasons. The gym is not always the cleanest place and also the sweat is bad. Don’t wear tight clothes because this will prevent your tattoo to heal perfectly. When you go to bed, don’t lay down on the side where your tattoo is placed.

Cleaning your tattoo, you can use lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap and when drying it, gently pat your tattoo with the towel instead of rubbing it dry.

Your skin will itch when it will heal itself. No matter how much it itches, don’t give in to the itch-feeling instead just tap on it gently or try to take a shower, this will ease the itch. If your skin begins to peel, let it peel and don’t pull it off if you want your tattoo to be perfect.

Another important thing to do to get a beautiful tattoo is to rest. Resting is very good for your body. The more you rest, the faster your tattoo will heal. If you have air-conditioning, use it. As I said earlier, sweat is not a friend, so you should avoid exposure to the sun.

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