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Things to consider before getting your first tattoo

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Yes, it’s official! You’re getting a tattoo. If it’s your first time, I guess it’s exciting. The first thing that is important is think about how you want to remember it. A tattoo is something that lasts a lifetime! And because of this reason, you have to give your tattoo/ design a good thought. It is fundamental for it will be placed on your beautiful natural body. A beautiful tattoo will give you pleasure forever, a bad one, and you might regret your choice forever…. Your choice!

Think before you act

Of course there are ways to do something about a “tattoo gone wrong” but it is much easier to think before you act instead of covering up or laser your tattoo.

The placement

There is one more thing that is nearly as important as the design: The placement. I can’t stress out the importance of the placement. A tattoo will be on your body forever and like it or not it will be part of whom you become; a part of your personality. Who are you, and how do you want to be remembered?


I got my first tattoo in a place that has nothing to do with hygiene. It was a spontaneous act which I definitely don’t regret, but don’t ever let that happen to you! You need to make sure that the shop is clean, that the artist is using quality sanitation that is in proximity of his/ her station and make sure that the artist unpacks the unused needle in front of you as well as the ink that will be used. You need to do these things because a tattoo is practically an open wound that can be infected if not following the “sanitation rules’ of your body inked. If you come to an unhygienic shop or a shop where you can’t feel comfortable, just leave. You don’t want to get your tattoo from that place or person.

A good state of mind

For the best results, a good state of mind is necessary. Go to bed early the day before your appointment, eat well and bring snacks and drinks with you when you’re off to your appointment.

A good thing to do is imagining the end result. In this way, you prepare yourself mentally, which brings you in a good state of mind. To do this is not always easy because, especially at your first appointment. You might be nervous or excited, which will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, resulting in even more nervousness or excitement.

The only way to beat this is to change your thoughts and think about what the outcome will be and what it will mean to you.


A tattoo is something that lasts a lifetime! And because of this reason, you have to give yourself the time to think good about it.

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