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Tattoo Healing with Calendula & Candelilla wax [2022]

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Tattoo healing differs from normal wound healing in that the skin must recover from the tiny incisions required to place the ink beneath the epidermis. If not appropriately addressed, this can lead to a lot of aggravation and discomfort. 

Another essential component for all-natural tattoo healing is calendula, which is made from the flower calendula Officinalis. It is well known for minimizing swelling and calming sensitive skin while it recovers.

How Calendula and candelilla wax help with tattoo healing

Calendula and candelilla are combined in Crushed Tattoo Aftercare Balm to create a balm that heals and safeguards a recent tattoo. 

After the tattooed area has been cleaned and dried naturally, instruct your clients to apply a thin layer of the Tattoo Aftercare Balm to the area. For a whole week, they should do this three to four times daily. 

To maintain everything fresh and vibrant, they should keep applying throughout the scabbing phase and, after the scabbing is finished, they should keep cleaning the area and applying the balm for a few months.

What Is Calendula?

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calendula flower | Source: Thespurce

Calendula officinalis, also referred to as common marigold or pot marigold, is a Mediterranean native plant. 

Gardeners all over the world have started growing the plant because it thrives in sunny environments and because it is known to be a natural healer.

People started cultivating it for more reasons than just aesthetics.

Despite not having the same level of knowledge about the qualities of dried Calendula leaves as we do now, doctors employed them as a natural cure during medieval times. The dried leaves include flavonoids, which are plant-based antioxidants that shield the body from the harm caused by free radicals. 

Calendula was traditionally prescribed by medical professionals for menstrual cramps, stomach discomfort, and even ulcers in its natural form.

The ability of Calendula flowers to speed up the healing of minor wounds is perhaps its most remarkable quality. We do so because it is present in all of our aftercare products!

What Is Candelilla wax?

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Candelilla wax | Source: fumeibee

The little Candelilla plant is found in semi-arid parts of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. 

Candelilla wax is a natural vegetable wax made from its leaves. It is occasionally referred to as Euphorbia antisyphilitica and is a family of flowering plant species. 

This wax, which is also known as Euphorbia Cerifera wax or Euphorbia Cerifera, can be identified by its opaque, translucent appearance, brittle shell, fragrant character, and yellowish-brown color.

Its name, which translates to “tiny candle,” is a tribute to its original use as candle wax.

Because they help keep emulsions intact, plant waxes like Candelilla are frequently used in the creation of cosmetics, personal care goods, and food products for the skin, hair, and lips. 

Candelilla enriches creamy goods like cream foundations, rich lip balms, conditioners for curly hair, and smoothing wax pomades by acting as a binder to stop oils and liquids from separating in your favorite creamy products.

Candelilla wax has a melting temperature between 156 and 163 degrees Fahrenheit, while a fat, wax, or resin’s saponification value, which calculates the average molecular weight of all the fatty acids contained in the substance, normally falls between 43 and 65.


Is Calendula good for tattoos?

Calendula is an essential component for all-natural tattoo healing, which is made from the flower calendula Officinalis. It is well known for minimizing swelling and calming sensitive skin while it recovers.

What does Calendula symbolize?

Calendula: A Symbol of Success, Improved Communication, and Warmth. For long years, calendula has been a representation of the sun and fire. Calendula flowers were traditionally used in wedding bouquets and decorations in India to represent the newlyweds’ passion, inventiveness, or fertility.

What is the best flower to get tattooed?

One of the most popular floral tattoo choices is the peony, and for good reason. A complete peony bloom’s vibrant hues are so layered and complex that you are unlikely to confuse it with another flower.

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